About us

Society for the Visually Hadicapped


Our organization was founded in 1983 with the aim of "REACHING EDUCATION TO SIGHTLESS CITIZENS". Stepping into the thirty-third year this February [2016], we still prioritize this as our foremost task ahead.


  • Each and every child with Vision Impairment must possess a Braille book, a Braille writing Kit, an abacus and an audio Ball while attending his/her nearest primary school classroom with his/her sighted peer under Equal Opportunity Inclusion set up
  • Each and every adult losing vision due to incurable genetic diseases or accidents or surgical failures must be motivated to learn Braille to be literate again
  • Print and publish as many Braille books as possible and on as variety of subjects as possible to encourage a Braille reader to be more informed about the world he/she lives in
  • Record and prepare a large variety of Talking books with latest technological aids & devices so that a Blind person can compete successfully with his/her sighted peer
  • Generate a spirit of freedom to read, freedom to move from place to place independently and negotiate a life of challenges and hurdles with a smile and grace
  • Empower with skills to pursue higher education, technical education, music, dance, theater etc performing arts and mobility to lead a life of his/her choice.

Core values

  • Approach to serving a Person with Disability in general and one with Vision Impairment in particular, must comprise treating them with dignity, on Equal Rights & Equal Opportunity basis.
  • No discrimination should be made among beneficiaries on the ground of gender, caste, creed or religion.
  • Service should be delivered with dignity and above self-interest.

Key Areas