Society for the Visually Hadicapped

  • Popular Fiction in Braille
  • Tactile Book Library
  • Released on the occasion of SVH Helen Keller Deaf Blind Awareness Day 27-28 June 2013 - One Bharati Bengali Braille publication as follows: Alor Pathajatrira (3). Brel Charcha O Amra. Edited by Hena Basu & Sandip Bandyopadhyay. Kolkata, SVH, 2013, Braille pages 67.
    This volume contains contribution of individuals toward promotion of Braille literacy, Braille study and research in India in particular and world in general. It also contains a brief note of SVH's contribution in training sighted Braille transcribers and Braille research in India.
  • Self-Learning manuals for Literary Code : English and Bengali Language
  • Self-Learning manual for Abacus Operation
  • Manual for India Mathematics Braille Code (forthcoming)
  • Anne Sullivan - Teacher of Helen Keller

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